Allergic treatments

3 days in any season. Basic package includes examination and defining the treatment
for allergic patients.

Additional examinations:

1 week in any season. Examination and lifestyle counseling for allergic patients

There are several factors that enter our body usually via the respiratory system or with food can cause allergy, which is one of the most widespread disease of our age.

The symptoms of allergy occur suddenly, it is necessary to clarify their origin in order to provide quick and successful treatment.

The 3-day Allergy Treatment Basic Package focuses on the tests and finding the accurate diagnosis, while the Allergy Treatment And Additional Tests Package defines the adequate therapy and the lifestyle to be followed.

In the case of the above packages we offer the following to you:

  • Recording the medical history
  • Physical examination
  • Determining the risk groups
  • Pulmonology examination
  • Chest X-Ray
  • ECG
  • Full blood count, biochemistry and immunglobuline e test
  • Testing for 36 allergen factors in food (nutritive panel)
  • Testing for 36 respiratory allergen factors (inhalative panel)
  • Epicutaneous test for environmental allergens (chemicals, dentistry line, chemical materials)*

*The marked tests are only available in the Allergy treatment and additional tests package.

Possible element of the treatment:
  • Evaluating and discussing the findings
  • Therapy counseling

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