Burnout program

Burnout program of Garden Hotel Medical&Spa**** consists of 2 parts. The 7-day Basic Package is required for investigation and rehabilitation, followed by the Sustaining Package, defining the treatments.

Basic package:

  • 1 week in any season examination and rehabilitation

Sustaining Package:

  • 3 days in any season examination and defining the treatment

The workplace load and stressful life of modern people often result in physical, mental and cognitive disorders and fatigue.

Following the revealing of the causes and assessing the current status, therapeutic counseling provides the solution to the problems associated with burnout, during a 1-week program. The right direction for the future is shown by psychological counseling and lifestyle training (burnout training).

In the case of the burnout basic and sustaining packages we offer the following to you:

  • Recording the medical history (anamnesis)
  • Physical examination
  • Risk assessment questionnaire
  • Determining the risk groups
  • Chest X-Ray
  • ECG
  • Full blood count, laboratory, biochemistry

Possible element of the treatment:

  • Therapy recommendation, evaluating and discussing the findings
  • Counseling by clinical psychologist (burnout training, 6 sessions)*
  • Immune system strengthening light therapy

*3 sessions can be taken of these treatments as part of the Sustaining package

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