Cardiovascular prevention

Cardiovascular diseases are the most common medical conditions in Hungary, and the complications associated with them are the most frequent causes of death. People, who think about their own future and that of their family have cardiologic testing every year: in the case on men, from the age of 35 and in the case of women, from the age of 40 it is recommended especially for those, who have a high risk due to their stressful lifestyle.

The testing program offers accurate cardiovascular risk assessment observing the latest recommendations of the European Cardiology Society.

In the cardiovascular prevention package we offer the following to you:

  • Recording the medical history
  • Physical examination
  • Determining the risk groups
  • Exercise ECG
  • Chest x-ray
  • Bicycle ergospirometry
  • Coronary ct imaging if necessary
  • Full blood count, laboratory, biochemistry
  • Heart ultrasound
  • Carotis ultrasound
  • Genetic tests if necessary

Possible element of the treatment:

  • Professional examination with clinical psychologist
  • Bicycle training
  • Lifestyle counseling

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