Gastric balloon implantation

It is easy to gain weight and hard to lose it.

Overweight is the source of several health problems. The growing body weight causes increasing load to the skeletal system, the heart and the lung. It has a pivotal role in the development of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and diabetes. The diabetes itself further increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. 10% weight gain increases the risk of diabetes by 1.5-fold.

It is easy to gain, but hard to lose weight, the excess pounds are usually not gained suddenly, but over several years. Therefore, the change is not dramatic, we do not notice it. When the problem is already detectable, everybody wants to get rid of the excess weight fast. The options for weight loss are determined by the amount of the excess, this can be defined accurately with the use of the body mass index (BMI). When the value is over 30 kg per square meter, it is called obesity, while over 40 it is severe obesity. If the excess body weight consists only a few kilograms, a reduced calorie diet and increasing the daily exercise can be very effective.

The Apollo Medical Center can help such concerns under medical supervision, with effective dietary supplements and customized diet and exercise regime. Exercise and sports become increasingly difficult with the growing body weight. A certain grade of obesity becomes untreatable with the conservative methods. The previous diets proved to be unsuccessful and due to the yo-yo effect the body weight even increased. In these cases, the use of endoscopy methods can be considered. It is their great benefit that these are mostly simple ambulatory methods performed under anesthesia and the patient may go home shortly after the procedure. The most wide spread method is a balloon implanted in the stomach. It can be imagined as a ball, which fills the volume of the stomach, causes the feeling of fullness, and therefore the cruel hungry feeling disappears. The balloon can be left in the stomach up to a year, until the necessary body weight is achieved.

The advantage of the endoscopic method that you can achieve weight loss without effort and easily, you can lose up to 30 kg.

In a peaceful environment, Garden Hotel Medical&Spa would be pleased to advise its prospective guests in more details.
We offer customized diet with dietary supplements and exercise regimes.

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