Infusion treatments

The active ingredients in the infusions are prescribed customized by an internal medicine specialist depending on the complaints.

Vertigo, tinnitus and blood vessel stricture:

Nootropil, Trental or Cavinton infusion.
Duration: at least two weeks, before it has its effect

For spine problems:

Relaxil-G + Algopyrin infusion. In the case of ineffectiveness or if the patient has expressed pain: Xefo infusion.
Duration: minimum of 5 days, maximum of 10 days


In diabetics, thyroid patients, alcoholics, people working with chemicals (numbness, burning feeling in the extremities) Thiogamma infusion.
Duration: 7 days

Vitamin infusion:

In the case of weakened immune system, increased susceptibility for infections and inflammations, prolonged recovery after a disease run its course, regularly returning diseases, tumours, rheum and other immunological diseases, vitamin C inf.
Duration: 10-12 treatment, 2-3 sessions per week

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