Medicine Masks

These treatments are suitable for reducing inflammations and relieving pains. Transferring medications into the body through the skin.

Sulfur packing:

Sulfur is part of the cartilage of the joints as well as the skin and its appendages. The joints need to take up a lot for their functioning. In addition, the components of the skin also require sulfur. Sulfur also has a direct anti-inflammatory and painkiller effect in the joint areas. Further, it plays a role in the composition and the regeneration of the cartilage of the joints. We use it as packing on the "worn joints".

Duration: minimum 5 sessions / 20 minutes

Ritex packing:

Increases circulation in the deep tissues, a deep warming and muscle relaxing effect can be achieved. We apply it primarily for acute lumbago, but also for other muscle spasms (cramps).

Duration: minimum 7 sessions / 30 minutes

Fluorine packing:

Fluorine is an important component of cartilage of the joints and tendons, therefore replacement is important in the case of wearing disorders. We apply it as wet packing.

Duration: 20 sessions / 30 minutes

Atiphlogisticus packing:

It is a successful additional treatment primarily in the case of subacut inflammations, because it reduces inflammation and facilitates the absorption of the liquid collecting in the joints.

Duration: 55 sessions / 12 hours (applied at night)

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