Mud packing

The treatment provides several beneficial effects simultaneously. One is the mineral content of the mud, which enters the body through the skin and provides the beneficial effects there. The high heat accumulating capacity is also an important feature of the mud, it can be heated up to 43- 46 °C and releases this heat slowly and gradually. In addition this heat release can be slowed by covering the treated area with a sheet or blanket.

It ensures the thorough muscle relaxing, affluence causing, pain-killing effect of the mud and increases the metabolism. It is usually indicated for locomotor system diseases, rehabilitation following accidents, sports injuries, some gynecological and skin complaints.
Depending on the type of the problem, the treatment can cover the whole body or only certain parts of the body.

Some words should be mentioned about the contraindications of mud packing. These can be heart and circulatory diseases, varicose veins and fever.
The heat effect of the mud packing burdens the body, therefore resting for half an hour to one hour is recommended after the treatment.

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